SecretPad - encrypts plain text, using a password that you choose.

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    SecretPad is a simple plain text encrypter. Its interface is very similar to Windows Notepad. It can be used for storage of passwords, personal records, secret correspondence etc.


  • Trusty encryption algorithm.
  • Automatically closing the window in case of long inactivity.
  • Url detection.
  • Unicode support.
  • No installation is required.
  • Implements all the functions available in the "Notepad".

Every time you start the program you are prompted for a password which will user for encryption and decryption text in the files. The longer the password the more secure protection. To change an entered password, press Ctrl + W. If you enter a blank password then the text will not be encrypted and can be read in any text editor.

Perhaps you will need to install Framework 4.0. You can download it from the official Microsoft site.

Also you can read detailed review from

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