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FoldersSynchronizer - it is the simple and convenient program for synchronization of files in folders.

Folders Synchronizer    It is well suited for file synchronization of data between hard disk and removable media, between the disks and folders published in a local network, and also simply to mirror data on different hard drives in case the failure of one of them. In the program you advance prescribe a set of pairs "Source-receiver", and later synchronize by pressing a single button.

   In addition, starting with version 2.5.1, you can synchronize your folders by calling the console version "fsynch.exe" from the command line.

   For two-way sync you need to enter another pair in which the "destination" and "source" will be repositioned. Among the useful features of this program should be mentioned that the program stores the version number of each known file (At least once synchronized), and the hash of a file. Based on these data, the program quickly determines which files have changed and will be copied. 

   All new versions, for users which have got the license, will be given FREE of charge. Each time, after manufacture of the new version will be sent to you the letter on e-mail with the instruction for downloading.


  • Copying of the changed and added files from one folder in another.
  • Track versions of a file by its hash value.
  • Analysis of a pair of "source" - "receiver" on the differences in the files. new
  • Processing of unlimited number of pairs of folders.
  • Ability to start the synchronization from the command

The program contains the main form on which it is possible to make following actions:

  • Editing a folder pairs.
  • Synchronization of separate pair.
  • Analysis of separate pair.
  • Synchronization of all pairs by pressing of one button.
  • Tracing of the copied files and messages.


   To begin with it is necessary to enter pair "Folder-source" and "Folder-destination", for this purpose press button add (or "Ctrl-N"). There will be a window with fields which it is necessary to fill.


    In the field "Descrip" enter the pair name, it will be displayed in the list of pairs, therefore it is better to enter such name which precisely and unequivocally describes an essence of synchronizable folders. In fields "Source" and "Destination" it is necessary to enter ways to existing to folders "Source" and "Receiver" accordingly. Once you do this - you can press the button SynchronizeOne (or "F5") and the program will synchronize the currently selected pair.

    If synchronization is successful, then at the left of the pair in the list of pairs will be displayed green check mark, and in case of error - a red cross. Explanation of the error is displayed in the right window. The right of the pair shows the number of files copied.

If you put two or more pairs, you can immediately initiate a synchronization of all pairs by pressing the SynchronizeAll (or "F6").


    Synchronization process creates in each synchronizable folder a file SynchronizeInfo.xml, which contains the data about the version of files and their hesh-value. This file is necessary for the subsequent definition of files which need updating on "receiver". AmbiguouseIf this file is removed from a disk, on "receiver" or on "source" the prevention of that will be deduced that it is not possible to define the version of files and in case of your affirmative reply all files of "source" without an exception will be copied.


    The same prevention will be deduced in that case if some file has been changed both on "source" and on "receiver" after last synchronization. In this case be necessarily convinced that copying in the specified direction corresponds to your needs and only after that press button "Yes". If you aren't assured of a case, press "No". Keep in mind that files on "receiver" will be replaced by files from "source" irrevocably.

   You can make a preliminary analysis of the folders on the difference of files in folders. This feature is useful if you are not sure whether you need at this time synchronization. For the analysis, select a pair in the list and click folder_cubes (or "F7").


   In this window you can see all the files to be copied in the case of synchronization. You can copy some of these files by selecting them and clicking the "Copy", or copy all them by clicking "Copy All"

   Often it is required that synchronization was made in both directions. For example if you are working on a project at home and in office, and carry the project through a flash drive. For two-way directory synchronization "A: \ Project" and "B: \ Project", simply enter two pair, where one pair of "A: \ Project" will be a "source" and "B: \ Project" will be "destination" and the second pair of opposite - "A: \ Project" will be "destination" and "B: \ Project" will be a "source". In case, after editing of files in any of these folders, the sequence of synchronization of both pairs has no value, newer files will be copied only.

   For synchronization by a call from a command line You can use module "fsynch.exe" which it is installed in a root directory of the program (usually "C:\Program Files\TrinitySoft\FoldersSynchronizer" ). For help run command "fsynch.exe / help".

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