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Hit green ball by blue using red as many times as ou can without touching the floor by blue ball. Share your result on social network.

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Secretpad Icon Secretpad
SecretPad - free program. Encrypts plain text, using a password that you choose.

SecretPad is a simple plain text encrypter. Its interface is very similar to Windows Notepad. It can be used for storage of passwords, personal records, secret correspondence etc.


  • Trusty encryption algorithm.
  • Automatically closing the window in case of long inactivity.
  • Url detection.
  • Unicode support.
  • No installation is required.
  • Implements all the functions available in the "Notepad".

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Hexagon Snake Snapshoot Hesaxon Snake - free online game.

Perhaps all of us once played the game "Snake", and many seriously were fond of it. In the classical version of the game "snake" moves only in four directions, and what if to give to the "snake" six directions? To operate it now it is not so simple! But our brain is a surprising device which adapts to any, at first sight, to unusual and difficult conditions. Try, whether it will turn out at you?
In game you can choose, in the right top part of the window, method of management more convenient for you: absolute or relative.
Control the snake with the keyboard keys, "Up", "Down", "Left" and "Right." Usually the snake turns on 60° but if you want to make sharp turn on 120°, then you will need to press two buttons at once appropriate at this time.
We wish you good luck and do not forget to send your results by clicking the "Send" button!


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FoldersSynchronizer Icon FoldersSynchronizer
It is the simple and convenient program for synchronization of files in folders.

It is well suited for file synchronization of data between hard disk and removable media,
between the disks and folders published in a local network, and also simply to mirror data
on different hard drives in case the failure of one of them. In the program you advance prescribe a set of pairs
"Source-receiver", and later synchronize by pressing a single button.


  • Copying of the changed and added files from one folder in another.
  • Track versions of a file by its hash value.
  • Analysis of a pair of "source" - "receiver" on the differences in the files. new
  • Processing of unlimited number of pairs of folders.
  • Ability to start the synchronization from the command

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